The University of the Sunshine Coast Little Athletics Centre (USCLAC) was formed in 2007 as the vision of Trevor Dryden & John Dighton and we commenced competition on Friday 26th October 2007. Our first season saw 187 registered athletes and since then we have continued to grow to now be one of the largest Little Athletics Centres in Queensland. 

USCLAC is a centre that is truly committed to the Little Athletics mantra of Family, Fun and Fitness.  Little Athletics can be the “foundation for all sports.” Lots of sports use the skills developed at Little Athletics and every year around 95,000 boys and girls enjoy being part of the Little A’s family. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our family at USCLAC.

Our Leadership Group

At USCLAC we have a passionate and dedicated group who have volunteered to be part of our Leadership Group. The members of our Leadership Group are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The members of our Leadership Group are:

  • Centre Manager – Melissa Hepworth-Smith
  • Assistant Centre Manager – Kim Hepworth
  • Secretary – Merrilee Nunn
  • Treasurer – Ross Hepworth
  • Program Managers – Adam McGill; Shannon Hempsted
  • Registrar – Kim Hepworth
  • Results & Recording Officer – Kath Leishman
  • Marketing & Communications Officer – David Posselt
  • Competitions Officer – Melissa Hepworth-Smith
  • Officials Officer – Yarna Hempsted
  • Equipment Officers – Jason Stoker; Lionel Wooton-McDonald                                                    
  • Uniforms – Elisha Hondroudakis
  • Coaches – Nick Bennett
  • Canteen Officer – Kerry Strijdom
  • Medical & First Aid Officer – Linda Wheeler  
  • Presentation Co-ordinator – Victoria Wallace                                                                    
  • Various Roles – Tracy McGill; Richard Jennings

Our Leadership Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month.