Parents & Volunteers

At USCLAC we are privileged to have a passionate and dedicated group of volunteers who are responsible for co-ordinating our Friday night competitions. But we need your help!

We understand that many parents may not have been involved in Little Athletics before but don’t worry…..we all started out as new parents not knowing what to do or how to help.

We absolutely understand that just like our little athletes, our parents have a diverse range of talents and experience……so if you think you can help, our Officials Officer would love to talk to you. Please come and see us at one of our sign-on days or during Friday night competitions (you can find her at the bottom of the grandstand near the Long Jumps).

Please see some further information below about how you can help.  For those who would like to become more involved, consider becoming part of our ‘Leadership Group’.  If you are interested, or would like more information, please talk to any of the current Leadership Group (you’ll recognise us by the USCLAC uniform) on a Friday night.